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Our  teams of consultants and systems integrators provide leading edge custom application development services for both new development, functional enhancement and maintenance of existing applications across all computing platforms. We provide the expertise to plan, design, build, test and implement applications that are fully integrated into your business process and system environments.

Our professionals facilitate creative solutions to business problems and the expertise to help you manage change, providing a competitive edge through the innovative use of technology. Our services include:
  • Help you develop a technology plan.
  • Help you choose the best server platform to address your computing requirements
  • Create an implementation plan
  • Assist you in migrating systems, data and applications
  • Identify tools and processes for your development environment
Data Warehouse/Decision Support
We will assist you in the important initial architecture, design and application integration recommendations that will ensure project success. Our services include:
  • Help to define data warehousing project effort and deliverables.
  • Assist in addressing challenges in data warehouse architecture, data loading and application performance
  • Provide consulting services to ensure knowledge transfer and techniques of data warehousing.
  • Software configuration and performance optimization.
  • Identify tools for your data warehouse
  • Help you design the logical/physical data model

Internet based Technology

XSoftware Technology will help you break-in into this important and evolving  medium, the web. An effective presence on the web allows companies to exploit new frontiers and be noticed in new and exciting ways. At XSoftware Technology, we believe we can help you get there. XSoftware Technology's services provide small and large organizations the knowledge and tools to securely exploit e-business on the Web while integrating seamlessly with their operation's traditional IT applications.

XSoftware Technology's e-business  include:
  • e-Commerce Services
  • Web Connection, Web Site Creation.
  • Identify tools and processes for your infrastructure
  • Identify the correct platform for your business

Application Integration

XSoftware Technology will continue to build a very strong foundation based on very knowledgeable individuals. Individuals that can deliver technical solutions and expertise when you need them. The XSoftware Technology's systems integrators will tailor a solution to meet your business goals and on time.

  • We can implement your application in-house/or at your site
  • Fixed-price/Fixed-time
  • We will provide the necessary training and documentation/manuals
  • Ensure knowledge transfer