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Our Mission

Business and Technology Integration!

Today's business environment is fast-paced and customer oriented. Technology solutions are a key component in keeping your company competitive. Selecting the right technology for your company is now more important then ever. The wasted dollars and lost opportunities could be catastrophic for your business.

Our Clients

Personal & Car Accident Law Firms
Mortgage Companies
Insurance Companies
Private Banking Firms
Ecommerce B2B providers
Offshore Casinos
Specialty Hardware Companies such as Data Recovery and Hard Drive Recovery companies

XSoftware is in the business to provide a quality staff to our valuable customers.  We evaluate our employee on the year of experience, and quality of knowledge. We intend to build our business by becoming a low cost provider of excellent computer technical staff.  Our employees goes through extensive training and evaluation before presenting to the clients.

Company Profile

XSoftware is a  New York base consulting firm, which provide valuable experience and knowledgeable people to the our clients.

XSoftware is a professional consulting Service Company, specializing in providing LAN/WAN and Internet services. We provides computers based solutions to address the problems of productivity and communication within the Organization. Implementation of new technologies in todayís competitive businesses can mean a better response and quick turn around to the customerís need. The proper implementation of emerging technologies and products will provide business to respond quickly to the customer

We specialize in providing consulting service for Installing, upgrading, migrating and troubleshooting on multiple platforms like Window NT and Novell NetWare etc. Our Specialty also includes the developing Web Pages and installing Internet servers with integrating advanced SQL Features. We also provide professional consultant for the special need of the Organization.

Our employees are Microsoft and Novell Certified. Our employees have years of experience in the LAN/WAN Industry. They have the experience from the big corporation like AT&T, Prudential, Republican Bank of New York, Allied Signal, National Broadcasting Corp. (NBC), Numora Securities, Viacom Inc and many more.