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XSoftware provides design and integration services to assist clients in developing leading edge technology solutions to connect multi-platform, multi-vendor information systems.

  • Planning, Design, and installation of Local and Wide Area Network, utilizing major networking protocols including TCP/IP, IPX/SPX and AppleTalk. Configuration, Migration and integration of Network Operating Systems, including Microsoft Windows NT, Novell IntraNetware and AppleTalk, as well as other peer-to-peer and client-server models.
  • Integration of network equipment from Cisco, and other premier vendors by our certified installation professionals, full implementation and maintenance of network connections between offices.
  • Implementation of Remote Access and Dial-Up connection to enable remote network users, to securely access the needed information.
  • Assisting in all levels of systems administration including central backup management systems, implementing neccessary level of network security to protect internal networks from unauthorized access, file and print server performance tuning, securely migrating applications and data in Microsoft and Novell platforms.
  • Identifying any compatibility issues prior to installation, including an analysis of existing network infrastructure and protocols. Following a phased implementation method, based on priority of departments within an organization, and a flexible schedule to allow large-scale upgrades occur during periods of low network usage.
  • Employing proven methodologies and procedures to isolate problems by our engineers who will not only follow-up with a recommended solution, but they possess the knowledge to recommend the most cost-effect, least-intrusive implementation plan.